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About us

We distribute bitters, mixers, and specialty food to businesses in the hospitality and retail industries.

We opened in 2015 and have been growing since. We are happy to offer some of the finest products both locally sourced and from around the world.


Our Values

Customer Service - Without customers we don't exist, and we know that the only way to win customers is through excellent customer service. We hope to provide you with an excellent selection of goods at an affordable price, and if there is something you aren't happy with, we will make it right, guaranteed.

Community - Cocktailier aims to make the world a smaller place through good libations and great products.

Cocktail/Food Culture - We do what we can to further cocktail and food culture everywhere. Whether it be collaborating with other companies or just sharing a unique story, we hope you will join us in in our quest for great food and cocktails.